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MIRROR logo_grabI’m an associate researcher of EU-FP7 MIRROR. The vision of MIRROR is to empower and motivate employees to learn by reflecting on their work experiences. This will be achieved with applications for individual, social, creative, game-based as well as organizational reflection. One of the scenarios in MIRROR is connected to crowd management and crisis work, with focus on learning from experience as a complement to traditional training. For more information:

newsflash_logoIn the recent past I’ve worked as researcher for the open source project UbiCollab investigating resource discovery in ubiquitous environments. UbiCollab (short for Ubiquitous Collaboration) is a service platform for pro-vision of basic services for supporting collaboration among people. It provides a platform that captures the commonalty of collaborative applications and provides generic mechanism for applications to be built without extensive coding, in order to naturally support collaboration in any situation the user are in. For more information: