About me

I’m a postdoctoral fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), department of Computer Science.  I completed my PhD degree at NTNU in 2015.

My goal is to empower people to invent innovative Internet of Things (IoT) products and services to serve human’s needs and desires. My current research investigates the development of tools and methods for collaborative ideation and rapid prototyping of IoT ecologies.

I’m investigating how to apply IoT technology for smart and sustainable cities, future banking services and lifelong learning experiences. I’m building platforms to accelerate development of smart objects and hybrid games. As associate researcher of Socratic EU-project I explore how to use technology to foster social innovation processes.

In my recent past I developed tools to support collaboration and learning in the workplace for the MIRROR project using wearable computers, augmented reality and hybrid board games.

Design science lies at the core of my research approach. I use human-centric methods to understand problems and opportunities for specific domains. I instaurate a creative dialogue among different stakeholders to elicit requirements and lead design explorations. I rapidily turn concepts into physical prototypes by designing and implementing embedded hardware systems, software modules and ecologies; augmenting and hacking everyday things. I evaluate results with quantitative and qualitative methods.

I’ve been a visiting fellow at City University London and MIT.

My résumé and list of publications are available for download. For any further information contact me at simone.mora[AT]ntnu.no


'Self-driving car' actually controlled by man dressed up as a car seat https://t.co/tD2WVK26lR

Cardmapper is an interesting #opensource project to record the outcome of card-based #ideation #workshops https://t.co/UvKOr6S93w

hum..I guess I’ll have to wash the shaving foam off my phone then #IoT @internetofshit https://t.co/DbPewBwPOR

Great ideas and inspiring people at our @IDC_ACM Make2Learn with #IoT workshop. Thank you all! @tilescards https://t.co/ralMHb59z8

slides of my #acmDIS2017 talk on #IoT ideation workshops with @tilescards https://t.co/Dl0Q3Sq5h0 thank you all for attending

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