About me

I’m a postdoctoral fellow at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), department of Computer Science.  I completed my PhD degree at NTNU in 2015.

My research investigates the development of tools and methods for ideation and rapid prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) ecologies. My goal is to empower anyone to contribute to the invention of innovative IoT products to serve human’s needs and desires. I’m building platforms to accelerate the development of smart objects and hybrid board games. I’m investigating applications of IoT for smart cities and lifelong learning.

I design playful and engaging user experiences for smart objects and environments. I augment everyday, low-tech things with code and electronics. I follow a design science methodology and I embrace participatory and person-centred design.

In my recent past I developed tools to support collaboration and learning in the workplace for the MIRROR project using wearable computers, augmented reality and hybrid board games.

I’ve been a visiting fellow at City University London and MIT.

My résumé and list of publications are available for download. For any further information contact me at simone.mora[AT]ntnu.no


[13MAR17] Our paper about Tiles Cards has been accepted at DIS Conference.

[06MAR17] I’m talking about User Experience design for the IoT and our Tiles Toolkit ar DTU Skylab on March 10th. [Event | flier]

[20NOV16] Tiles Cards, an idea generation card game for IoT products I co-invented is now available at http://tilestoolkit.io/cards

[15SEP16] Our paper titled “RapIoT Toolkit: Rapid Prototyping of Collaborative Internet of Things Applications” has been accepted for publication at CTS 2016, Conference on Collaboration Technologies

[03AUG16] Our paper titled “From interactive surfaces to interactive game pieces in hybrid board games” has been accepted for publication on the International Journal of Ambient Intelligence (JASIE)

[01AUG16] Our paper titled “Anyboard: a Platform for Hybrid Board Games” has been accepted for publication at the ICEC 2016 conference.

[10MAR16] I’m co-organizing a workshop on end user development for the Internet of Things as part of the Advanced Visual Interfaces Conference (AVI). Submit your paper at [link]

[29SEP15] A new innovation project, “The bank of things”, to investigate how to apply the IoT for the future of banking, has been awarded 250kNOK (~ USD 32.000) by the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DOGA). The team is composed by myself, TTONice Design, Sparebank SMN and Evry.

[24AUG15] Our paper “The interactive-token approach to board games” has been accepted for publication at the European Conference of Ambient Intelligence (AMI)

[01JUN15] I was awarded a PhD degree at NTNU. Eureka!

[26NOV14] The paper I co-authored titled “Context becomes Content: Sensor Data for Computer-Supported Reflective Learning” has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies

[19NOV14] TILES, an innovation project I lead was awarded a 150.000NOK (~22.000USD) grant from Discovery. The goal of TILES is to develop a toolkit for rapid prototyping of hardware inventions for the Internet of Things.

[01NOV14] Our paper titled “WATCHiT: a modular and wearable tool for data collection in crisis management and training” has been accepted for publication at the European Conference of Ambient Intelligence (AMI)

[10JAN14] I will be a visiting PhD at the MIT SENSEable City Lab during the summer term

[01SEPT13] Between Dec. 2014 and March 2014  I’m on an academic visit at the School of Informatics of City University London investigating how tangible interfaces can facilitate creativity support in serious games.

[10JAN13] A new magazine article about the “Facebook Jacket”, based on an interview Thomas and I had with Byavisa Trondheim, is now online on the magazine website and on paper (in norwegian). [pdf]

[18DEC12] A new magazine article about the “Facebook Jacket”, based on an interview Monica and I had with Teknisk Ukeblad, is now online on the magazine website and on paper (in norwegian). [link | pdf]