Doctoral Thesis

S.Mora. “Leveraging sensing-based interaction for supporting re ection at work: the case of crisis training”. Doctoral theses at NTNU, 2015. [pdf | slides | trial lecture]

Selected Papers and notes

S. Mora, A. Anjomshoaa, T. Benson, F. Duarte, C. Ratti. “Towards Large-scale Drive-by Sensing with Multi-pur- pose City Scanner Nodes”. IEEE World Forum on IoT, 2019. Best Paper Award.

A. Anjomshoaa, S. Mora, P. Schmitt, C. Ratti. “Challenges of Drive-By IoT Sensing for Smart Cities: City Scan- ner Case Study”. Proceedings of the ACM International Joint Conference and International Symposium on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing and Wearable Computers, 2018.

S. Mora, F. Gianni, S. Nichele, M.Divitini. “Introducing IoT Competencies to First-Year University Students With The Tiles Toolkit”. Proceedings of Computer Science Education Research Conference, 2018.

F. Gianni, S. Mora, M.Divitini. “RapIoT toolkit: Rapid prototyping of collaborative Internet of Things applications”. Future Generation Computer Systems, 2018.

S.Mora, F. Gianni and M.Divitini. “Tiles: A Card-based Ideation Toolkit for the Internet of Things”. In proceedings of the Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS), 2017. [pdf | slides]

S.Mora, F. Gianni and M.Divitini. “RapIoT Toolkit: Rapid Prototyping of Collaborative Internet of Things Applications”. In proceedings of the International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS), 2016.
Outstanding Paper Award [pdf].

S. Mora, T. Fagerbekk, M. Monnier, E. Schroeder and M. Divitini. “Anyboard: a Platform for Hybrid Board Games”. In proceedings of the International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC), 2016. [pdf]

S. Mora, M. Divitini and F. Gianni. “TILES: An Inventor Toolkit for Interactive Objects”. In proceedings of the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI) (Poster), 2016. [pdf]

S. Mora, I. Di Loreto and M. Divitini. “From interactive surfaces to interactive game pieces in hybrid board games”. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments , vol. 8, no. 5, pp. 531-548, 2016. [preprint]

S.Mora and M.Divitini. “The Interactive-Token Approach to Board Games”. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence, AMI, 2015. Athens, Greece.

L. Müller, M. Divitini, S. Mora, V. Rivera-Pelayo, and W. Stork. “Context Becomes Content: Sensor Data for Computer Supported Reflective Learning”. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 111-123, 2015. [preprint]

S. Mora and M. Divitini. “WATCHiT: a modular and wearable tool for data collection in crisis management and training”. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence, AMI, 2014. Eindhoven, Netherlands.

S. Mora and M. Divitini. “Supporting debriefing with sensor data: A reflective approach to crisis training”. In Proceedings of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management in Mediterranean countries conference, ISCRAM-MED, 2014. Toulouse, France.

S. Mora and M. Divitini. “WATCHiT: Towards wearable data collection in crisis management”. Work-in-progress at the Eight International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction, TEI, 2014. Munich, Germany [pdf  | poster]

I. Di Loreto, E. A. Mork, S. Mora, and M. Divitini. “Supporting Crisis Training with a Mobile Game System”. In proceedings of SGDA, 2013, Trondheim, Norway [pdf]

S. Mora. “Token-based Interaction with embedded digital information”. In proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction, TEI, (Doctoral Consortium paper), 2013, Barcellona, Spain. [pdf]

S. Mora, A. Boron, and M. Divitini. “CroMAR: Mobile Augmented Reality for Supporting Reflection on Crowd Management”. International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (IJMHCI), pp.88-101. IGI Global, 2012. [preprint]

D. Cernea, S. Mora, A. Perez, A. Ebert, A. Kerren, M. Divitini, D.G. de La Iglesia and N. Otero. “Tangible and Wearable User Interfaces for Supporting Collaboration among Emergency Workers”. In Proceedings of the 18th CRIWG Conference on collaboration and technology. Duisburg, Germany, 2012. [pdf]

I. Di Loreto, S. Mora, M. Divitini. “Don’t Panic: Enhancing Soft Skills for Civil Protection Workers”. In proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Serious Games Development and Applications (SGDA). Bremen, Germany, 2012. [pdf]

I. Di Loreto, S. Mora and M. Divitini. “Collaborative Serious Games for Crisis Management: An Overview.” IEEE 21st International Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE). Toulouse, France, 2012. [pdf]

A. Kristiansen, A. Storlien, S. Mora, B. R. Krogstie, and M. Divitini. “Mobile and Collaborative Timelines for Reflection”. In Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference Mobile Learning. Berlin, Germany, 2012. [pdf]

S. Mora, V. Rivera-Pelayo, and L. Müller. “Supporting Mood Awareness in Collaborative Settings”. In proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Collaborative Computing (CollaborateCom). Orlando, FL, USA, 2011. [pdf]

S. Mora, and B. Farshchian. “A Unified Architecture for Supporting Direct Tag-Based and Indirect Network-Based Resource Discovery”. In proceedings of the First International Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI). Malaga, Spain, 2010. [pdf]

Workshops proceedings

M. Divitini, M. Giannakos, S. Mora, S. Papavlasopoulou, O. Iversen. “Make2Learn with IoT: Engaging Children into Joyful Design and Making of Interactive Connected Objects” In proceedings of of the 2017 Conference on Interaction Design and Children. [pdf]

C. Ardito, A Bellucci, G. Desolda, M. Divitini and S. Mora. “Smart Ecosystems cReation by Visual dEsign”. In proceedings of the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI), 2016. [proceedings]

M. Divitini, B. Farshchian, J. Floch, R. Halvorsrud, S. Mora, M. Stiso. “Applying AmI Technologies to Crisis Management”. In proceedings of the third International Joint Conference, AmI 2012, Pisa, Italy, 2012. [pdf | proceedings]

Workshop Papers

S.Mora, J. Asheim, A. Kjøllesdal and M.Divitini. “Tiles Cards: a Card-based Design Game for Smart Objects Ecosystems”. Smart Ecosystems cReation by Visual dEsign Worlshop, CEUR Proceedings, 2016. [pdf]

F. Gianni, S.Mora and M. Divitini. “IoT for Smart City Learning: Towards Requirements for an Authoring Tool. Smart Ecosystems cReation by Visual dEsign Worlshop, CEUR Proceedings, 2016. [pdf]

S. Mora, T. Fagerbekk, I. Di Loreto and M.Divitini. “Making interactive board games to learn: Reflections on AnyBoard. Make2Learn Workshop, CEUR Proceedings, 2015. [pdf]

B. Krogstie, A. Schmidt, C. Kunzmann, J. Krogstie, S. Mora. “Linking Reflective Learning and Knowledge Maturing in Organizations”. ARTEL 2013 Workshop @ EC-TEL [pdf]

S. Mora, S. Schwantzer, M. Divitini. “The MIRROR AppSphere: the case of crisis management.” CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2012. Volum 953. s. [pdf]

M. Divitini, B. Farshchian, J. Floch, B.M. Mathisen, S. Mora, T. Vilarinho.
“Smart Jacket as a Collaborative Tangible User Interface in Crisis Management.” CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2012 ;Volum 953. s. [pdf]

S. Mora, A. Boron, and M. Divitini. “Work and Reflection in Crisis Informatics”. Collaboration and Crisis Informatics Workshop at the 2012 ACM Conference Computer Supported Collaborative Work Conference CSCW. Seattle, WA, USA, 2012. [pdf | attachment]

S. Mora, A. Boron, L. Pannese, and M. Divitini. “Playing with Mobile Augmented Reality for Fostering Informal Learning”. Mixed Reality Games Workshop at the 2012 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Work Conference CSCW. Seattle, WA, USA, 2012 [pdf]

A. Boron, S. Mora, and M. Divitini. “Mobile Augmented Reality for Supporting Reflection”.  Workshop on Mobile Augmented Reality at the MobileHCI2011 conference. Stockholm, Sweden, 2011 [pdf | attachment]

Master Theses

S. Mora. “A Mobile Extensible Architecture for Implementing Ubiquitous Discovery Gestures Based on Object Tagging”. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Master Thesis. Trondheim, Norway, 2009 [pdf]

Posters, Essays, Draft Papers

S. Mora. “Unlocking TUIs for the masses”. PhD Course Essay. 2012.

S. Mora. “Investigating sensor-assisted background and foreground interaction to support reflection on crowd management”. PhD Course Essay. 2011

S. Mora. “UbiCollab, Ubiquitous Support for CSCW.” Poster at the UBI Summer School. Oulu, Finland, 2010. [pdf]


“Norsk Facebook-jakke kan redde liv” (Norwegian Facebook-Jacket can save lives), Teknisk Ukeblad, 2013. [link | pdf]