Nabazbood is an ambient interface to display the average mood of a crowd. The mood of participants is recorded using mobile app like the timeline app [paper C3] or wearable sensor like WATCHiT.

Being aware of how participants feel during an activity is important to enable reflection processes that might result in better work practices and behavior changing. During any co-located collaborative activity, we use visual cues to relate our own mood to our peers’ in order to find an endorsement of our feelings and adapt our behavior. Sharing feelings and being aware of our fellows’ moods may trigger reflection by allowing comparing a personal feeling with others; discrepancies in the moods of the groups may for example lead the individual to re-evaluate an experience from other points of view. For example a keynote speaker can check his own mood against the audience’s mood in order to evaluate the interest raised by her talk.

Nabazmood displays the average mood digitalized in the valence and arousal dimensions formalized in Russel’s Circumplex Model of affect through the movement of the ears and color of a Nabaztag rabbit.

For more information see [paper C2].


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